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Hinges and Things: A Door-able Guide to Commercial Door Maintenance

commercial door installation

Unlocking Door-y to Good Maintenance.

Unlock the secrets to sustainable commercial door care and gain long-standing benefits for your business. Your trusted commercial door services provider, Liberty Bell Construction, divulges essential door maintenance tips in this comprehensive guide. Right off the bat, you would be delighted to know that regular commercial door maintenance can potentially enhance the lifespan of your doors by 30%, as revealed by the International Door Association. That’s quite a door-pening revelation, isn’t it?

Safety Matters: Taking a Firm Stand with Fire Doors

Fire Door Maintenance

In the world of commercial doors, some are designed to do more than just open and close. Fire doors, for example, have the life-saving role of curbing the spread of fire and smoke during emergencies. A close eye on these doors is taken by the stern yet caring National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) who mandates yearly inspections and maintenance on these heroic doors.

Up to Fire Safety Standards with Door Repair Solutions

Keeping in eager compliance with the NFPA ensures that fire doors are prepared to spring into action when required. This underscores the importance of commercial door repair towards ensuring safety and reducing business liability. With commercial door upkeep, your doors don’t just function, they save lives.

Twice is Nice: Regular Servicing is Key

Why Biannual Service?

You don’t blip a heart twice a year, but your commercial doors certainly require that attention! The Door and Hardware Federation maintains that a commercial door should be serviced at least biannually to remain safe, secure, and efficient.

Go Pro with Commercial Door Installation

At the heart of sound commercial door care is the initial installation. Enter your local experts at Liberty Bell Construction, skilled in commercial door installation, promising you doors that are up for the long haul.

Hanging Tough: The Hinge Factor in Door Maintenance

The Tales of Door Hinge Repair

Commercial door hinges bear the brunt of the door’s weight and usage. That’s why door hinge maintenance and timely door hinge repair go a long way in ensuring a smoothly operating door.

Master Key- Commercial Door Hardware

Door hardware maintenance isn’t just a proverbial key to keeping a door in optimal shape, it’s a literal one too! Embrace commercial door hardware with open arms, and you’ll see it reciprocate by treating your business to safe, efficient doors.

Common Questions About Commercial Door Maintenance

Why is Commercial Door Maintenance Important?

Sustained commercial door care implies reduced long-term costs for businesses, a safer working environment, and doors that function at peak efficiency year-round.

How Often Should Commercial Doors Be Serviced?

Commercial doors should ideally be serviced twice yearly to secure optimal door performance, as recommended by the Door and Hardware Federation.

What Does Door Maintenance Include?

Door maintenance encompasses checking, servicing, and repairing door parts such as hinges, handles, locks, and the door itself.

Shutting the Door on your Maintenance Woes

And there you have it- a comprehensive, and fun-to-read, door maintenance guide that equips you with the knowledge you need to maintain those business doors in prime condition. Remember, with consistent commercial door upkeep, the hinges remain happy, the door swings smoothly, and your business operations follow suit. So, let’s swing into action today! The team at Liberty Bell Construction is ready when you are.

Don’t be a-door-able, be door-efficient! Your doors deserve it, and so does your business.

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